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From one circular knitting machine many years ago to a member of top 500 Chinese textile and garment enterprises today, our company, Xintai, has walked through a path full of hardships and joy. We can' t score all these achievements without the supp-ort and help from leaders, colleagues and friends of all circles; without the efforts of all our staff; without the support of our cus-omers. Here, please allow me to express my sincerely respect and heartfelt appreciation to all of them.
Looking back, we have achieved many gradual goals. In terms of production and operation, we are always dedicate to the res-earch and production of knitting fabrics, continuously strengthen our technological transformation and have introduced the inte-rnational advanced knitting machines and the production lines of printing and dyeing. In this way, our production scale and tec-hnical level has been improved into a higher stage, and the competitiveness of our products in the domestic and foreign mark-ets has been greatly enhanced; In terms of market expansion, we have trained a high-quality and professional core sales tea-m, focusing on the markets in Europe and America. At present, our products are popular and have taken certain market share in Germany, Italy, France, America, Brazil and Australia, etc; In terms of enterprise management, we advocate "humanity orien-ted" concept, insist "wise and farsighted, self-surmounting" spirit, innovate working ideas, construct positive, united and harm-onious enterprise atmosphere, and gradually consummate management system. Meanwhile, we always keep firmly in mind our social responsibility, take the initiative in fulfilling our civic duties, and make contributions positively to social development.
From now on, we will continue our management concept, promote core competence comprehensively, and make Xintai beco-me more perfect, professional and powerful to keep healthy, steady and continuous development; we will also continue hard working to get greater achievements, to bring richer returns for the staff, and to create more wealth for the society.
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